Wall Decoration Drawing for Pride House Tokyo 2019

Pride House Tokyo on Rugby World Cup season opened on September 20th at Harajuku in Tokyo. I collaborated in the drawing on wall with it.
Pride House Tokyo: Official Website
Japan Times: Pop-up venue Pride House opens in Tokyo for LGBT fans ahead of 2019 Rugby World Cup

Open from September 20th to November 4th 2019 at Community Space SubaCO in Harajuku, Tokyo. Very close to Meiji-jingumae Station of the Tokyo Metro subway.

Taking your photo with the wall and to share the image on your SNS account is welcome!

When I was offered to draw illustration for the wall of Pride House Tokyo 2019, I first thought to draw the image what some figures of beefy guys are locked together. But when I started to do rough drawing of it, I thought that it was ‘too much gay’. I liked the homoerotic tastes of the sketch, but there were no LBTQ elements. It did not fit the concept of LGBTQ pride house, diversity.
So I threw away the first idea, and did another drawing what you see now. There are three men and three women on the drawing, but I didn’t fix each sexual orientations and gender identities. Also I avoid to specific there skin colors.
My messages about diversity and LGBTQ pride are all included in the colors of their uniforms. And other things, you can imagine anything about them what you want.