Server troubled

WTFAround April 23, there was a trouble about the server of my website. When after I recognized it, I contacted soon to the company who is handling the server of my website. They have been trying to correct the error for a few days, but yesterday, I got the report that they couldn’t do the restoration of it. The hard disk drive that I had been renting was gone, and all data of my website were gone.

Fortunately I have a back up of almost contents of my website on my local hard drive, so I could re-upload them onto another server where they provide. But only about this Tagame’s News in English contents, I didn’t do the back up of my carelessness. So, there is no data about my past posts on this contents.

Now I’m recovering some pages, especially the guide pages of my recent comic books. And I’ll continue to post about new informations as same as before, like books, events, exhibitions, etc, when they’ll come.