My interview and drawings on NakedButSafe magazine

My interview and several drawings are featured on the magazine, NakedButSafe #7. It is Greek photography based fashion and art magazine, and is available worldwide.
The article is total 12 pages, and I think that the interview is good and is well worth reading.
The magazine itself is very beautiful and cool too. If you are good in English, please get your copy from their website!

Pot Publishing open their branch on Amazon USA

Pot Publishing, the publisher of many of my books, starts to try to sell their books on Amazon USA directory. At the beginning, they have already started to sell 4 books at there.

Gay Erotic Art in Japan vol.1 & vol.2

Anthologies of vintage Japanese gay artists’ works those I selected and introduced. All texts are written in both of Japanese and English.
More detail of the books are here and here.

Garden of Domina

The legendary Japanese fetish artist, Namio Harukawa’s illustrated story book. All texts are written in both of Japanese and English.
More detail of the book is here.

Everyday Onigiri:101 Healthy, Easy Japanese Riceball Recipes

A recipe book of Japanese soul food, Onigiri (rice ball). All texts are written in both of Japanese and English.
More detail of the book is here.

I’ve often been asked how to get the books Gay Erotic Art in Japan series from outside Japan. So I think that it’s a good news. If you are looking for these books, please visit the store front of Pot Publishing on Amazon USA!