Shin Deka Modoki: Geibôi, chapter 1

Shin Deka Modoki (False Detective – Resurgence): Geibôi (Fancy Homosexual Boy), Chapter 1
Tezucomi volume 9, June 5, 2019, on sale

It’s my new for-all-age comics and also dedicated work for Osamu Tezuka. Tezucomi series were published as the 90th birth anniversary of Tezuka, and various modern manga artists are publishing their dedicated comics based on Tezuka’s works. [REFERENCE]
I picked up his discontinued series ‘Deka Modoki (False Detective)’ what was published in early 70’s and was interrupted for only two chapters. It was collected short stories of a detective and a scammer become an odd partner and solve murder cases. They both are men but living together and the scammer might love in the detective. [REFERENCE] I really love their relationship and had been regretting the series was discontinued, so am going to write the sequel by myself to add an element of underground gay cultures in 60’s Japan.