Shin Deka Modoki: Geibôi, chapter 1

Shin Deka Modoki (False Detective – Resurgence): Geibôi (Fancy Homosexual Boy), Chapter 1
Tezucomi volume 9, June 5, 2019, on sale

It’s my new for-all-age comics and also dedicated work for Osamu Tezuka. Tezucomi series were published as the 90th birth anniversary of Tezuka, and various modern manga artists are publishing their dedicated comics based on Tezuka’s works. [REFERENCE]
I picked up his discontinued series ‘Deka Modoki (False Detective)’ what was published in early 70’s and was interrupted for only two chapters. It was collected short stories of a detective and a scammer become an odd partner and solve murder cases. They both are men but living together and the scammer might love in the detective. [REFERENCE] I really love their relationship and had been regretting the series was discontinued, so am going to write the sequel by myself to add an element of underground gay cultures in 60’s Japan.

Dachi no Oyaji ni Mesu ni Sarete (I Became A Bitch Of My Best Friend’s Dad), concluded chapter and the end of Badi magazine

Dachi no Oyaji ni Mesu ni Sarete (I Became A Bitch Of My Best Friend’s Dad), concluded chapter
Badi magazine, March 2019 issue (January 20, 2019, on sale)

And Badi magazine ends on this issue. There is my interview too.

I had been publishing my gay adult comics on the magazine for almost 25 years, include The Silver Flower, The House of the Brutes, Endless Game, Fisherman’s Lodge, Father and Son in Hell, Country Doctor, Slave Training Summer Camp, Planet Brobdingnag, The Contracts of the Fall, etc, etc…
And to publish I Became A Bitch Of My Best Friend’s Dad may be the last time what my adult gay comics is published on gay magazines in Japan. There is no more gay magazines where I can publish my gay erotic comic. Sabu was gone, G-men was gone, Nikutaiha was gone, and finally Badi is gone.
Then, I’m going to look for some independent ways to publish my gay erotic arts. I’m afraid that I can’t say when and how I can start it regularly, but on most recent, There is a plan to release a new comic book as my private publishing on Yaro Fest on May 26th. E-book edition of it will be also available online, at Gengoroh Tagame’s Booth, soon after the event.
Thank you for supporting my gay erotic works on gay magazines for more than 30 years, and I appreciate your continuing support.

Happy New Year!

May 2019 be a happy and great year for you.

January 12, new all ages comics ‘僕らの色彩 Our Colors’ volume one will be on sale.

And January 25, the last issue of Badi magazine will be on sale. On this issue, Badi closes their 25 years history. My latest gay adult comic ‘親友の親父に雌にされて I Became A Bitch Of My Best Friend’s Dad’ will be also concluded.

By the end of Badi magazine, I finally lose all printed medias where I can publish gay adult comics as a job. All gay and BL magazines those I had been able to publish my gay adult works for over 30 years, like Sabu, G-men, Badi, SM-Z, Kinniku-otoko, Nikutai-ha… are gone. After the end of Badi, there will be only one gay magazine Samson what is specific for fat and old men only in Japan. Now I’m feeling like I’m watching the end of the era of Japanese gay magazines.

So I have to quit to be a professional gay adult comic artist from this January. Of course I wish to do my gay adult works in some independent ways like private publishing, fan supporting service or gallery exhibitions, but to keep the same pace as before must be hard. From now on, I have to set to draw all ages comics as my primary job, and will draw gay adult comics in my spare time. My publishing pace of gay adult works would be much less than before. I am very sorry for that and ask for your understanding.