Group exhibition ‘Cruel & Beauty’ (+ talk show) in Tokyo

Now I’m showing 4 bloody male nude art prints on a group exhibition ‘Cruel & Beauty’ at Vanilla Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

無残絵展 (exhibition of cruel images) – cruel and beauty –
February 19th (Tue) – March 3rd (Sun)
Vanilla Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
[Website] [Map] [Facebook]
Artists: Gengoroh Tagame, Hajime Sorayama, Hiroaki Samura, Shintaro Kago, Shou Tajima and others
with special exhibition – Bloody Ukiyoe of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Fee: 500 yen

Talk Show: Violence & Catharsis of Tukioka Yoshitoshi’s works
Gengoroh Tagame & Kenji Hinohara (chief curator of Ota Memorial Museum of Art)
February 23rd 17:30 – 19:00 (door open 17:20)
Fee: 2,000 Yen (+ 1 drink) [ticket purchase]

North America tour (New York/Philadelphia/Toronto), May 6-14

English translated edition of ‘My Brother’s Husband’ volume 1 was released on May 2nd. On this occasion, I’ll go to New York, Philadelphia and Toronto to join several events.

New York

MAY 6: “Transcendent Obscenity” panel at the PEN World Voices Festival, from 2-3:30pm at Dixon Place, NYC

MAY 7: Drink n’ Draw (tw: hot nudes!) at Anyone Comics in Crown Heights Brooklyn from 5-8pm

MAY 9: Signing at Kinokuniya on 6th Ave. at 40th St. from 6-8pm


MAY 10: Reading/Signing/Q&A at Giovanni’s Room/Philly AIDS Thrift Store from 6-8pm


MAY 13 & 14 (Sat&Sun): Toronto Comics Arts Festival:
Saturday 2pm signing at Reference Library
Saturday 4pm at the Marriott Bloor: “LGBTQ Comics Abroad”
Saturday 7pm at Glad Day Bookshop: The TCAF Queer Mixer (with preview of “Queer Japan” by Graham Kolbeins)
Sunday 11:00am signing at Reference Library
Sunday 2:45pm at the Marriott Bloor: “Canada 150!”

MAY 9-30: My Brother’s Husband – Exhibition by Gengoroh Tagame at Reference Library
(You can see the rare artworks from ‘My Brother’s Husband’, layouts, penciled pages, original inked drawings and final artworks.)

Japan Media Arts Festival Exhibition

Event: The Exhibition of 19th Japan Media Arts Festival by Agency of Cultural Affairs
Date: February 3 – 14, 2016
Place: The National Art Center, Tokyo, and others

My Brother’s Husband got the excellent award of manga division. Some original drawings, prints, image boards, etc, are exhibited at The National Art Center. Also I’ll be on a talk show with Mitsuru Sugaya and Hiroko Matsuda on February 6 (Sat).

More detail of the events, please check the site of Japan Media Arts Festival. They have pages in English, Chinese and Korean!

Exhibition (Nov. 6 – 18) and book signing (Nov. 7) in Paris


Solo exhibition: Tagame Dessins Hardcore

From November 6th to 18th at ArtMenParis gallery
Opening party: November 6th (Fri), 17:00 – 22:00 (Facebook event page)
*On the other days, the gallery opens for appointment only.
The Contracts of the Fall (2015) pen, ink & alcohol ink marker
*Untrimed full image is here.

Book signing

November 7th (Sat), 15:00 – 16:30 at Les Mots a la Bouche (Facebook event page)
*New English translated comic book, The Contracts Of The Fall, will be on pre-sale!

Let’s come and hug with me!

Group exhibition: Erotic Art in Modern Japan at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo

Return exhibition of ‘Japon Erotica: La Nouvelle Generation Vol.2′ what was done at Musee de l’Erotisme in Paris on last May to November. Some of my works will be shown with other 31 artists’ works.
Basically, the contents of the exhibition are as same as Paris exhibition, but in Japan, there is problem to exhibit uncensored genital images, so I change some drawings from hardcore ones to pinup likes.

EXHIBITION: Erotic Art in Modern Japan
At: Vanilla Gallerly, Tokyo
From: February 9 to 28, 2015
Fee: 500 yen

EXHIBITION: Modern Love: 20th-Century Japanese Erotic Art, in Honolulu

スクリーンショット(2014-11-08 18.58.53)
EXHIBITION: Modern Love: 20th-Century Japanese Erotic Art
At Honolulu Museum of Art
November 20, 2014 – March 15, 2015
My comic book 髭と肉体 Flesh + Beard is exhibited on the show.

Sexual revolution.

After opening its ports to international trade, the leaders and citizens of late 19th-century Japan were consumed by an identity crisis of unparalleled proportions. To what degree should they embrace the values and aspirations of the Western world to which they were newly exposed, and to what degree should they pride themselves upon unique aspects of their culture? In order to garner the respect of Americans and Europeans, many felt that the sexually explicit paintings, woodblock prints, and woodblock-printed books (shunga; literally, “spring pictures”), which had been produced by Japanese artists for the past three hundred years, were embarrassingly outdated expressions of sexual hedonism. By the beginning of the 20th century, production of shunga as a popular art genre had dramatically declined, and until the 1990s, reproductions of shunga were strictly censored.

At the same time, despite attempts by government officials to sanitize the nation’s public image at the beginning of the 20th century, sexuality remained popular as a topic in Japanese art, although the ways in which it manifested itself often were radically transformed. Modern Love: 20th-Century Japanese Erotic Art explores areas of modern and contemporary art in Japan that have drawn inspiration from the tradition of shunga. These include sketches by the woodblock print designer Hashiguchi Goyō (1880–1921), photographs by Araki Nobuyoshi (b. 1940) and Yonehara Yasumasa (b. 1959), manga (illustration art) by such artists as Anno Moyoco (b. 1971), and works by Japanese artists now based in Hawaiʻi, including Masami Teraoka (b. 1936) and Mayumi Oda (b. 1941).

Modern Love: 20th-Century Japanese Erotic Art is the third and last in the Honolulu Museum of Art’s exhibition series on the sexual culture of Japan. The series began in 2012 with Arts of the Bedchamber: Japanese Shunga, which featured works from the 17th and 18th centuries, and continued in 2013 with Tongue in Cheek: Erotic Art in 19th-Century Japan.


EXHIBITION: The Art of Love in the Time of Geishas, in Paris

スクリーンショット(2014-11-06 2.55.08)
EXHIBITION: The Art of Love in the Time of Geishas (L’Art de l’amour au temps des Geishas)
At la Pinacothèque de Paris, from 06 November 2014 to 15 February 2015.
Some of my original drawings are exhibited on the show. If you are in Paris, please come to see! 😉
Many thanks for Paola and Carolina.