Happy New Year!

May 2019 be a happy and great year for you.

January 12, new all ages comics ‘僕らの色彩 Our Colors’ volume one will be on sale.

And January 25, the last issue of Badi magazine will be on sale. On this issue, Badi closes their 25 years history. My latest gay adult comic ‘親友の親父に雌にされて I Became A Bitch Of My Best Friend’s Dad’ will be also concluded.

By the end of Badi magazine, I finally lose all printed medias where I can publish gay adult comics as a job. All gay and BL magazines those I had been able to publish my gay adult works for over 30 years, like Sabu, G-men, Badi, SM-Z, Kinniku-otoko, Nikutai-ha… are gone. After the end of Badi, there will be only one gay magazine Samson what is specific for fat and old men only in Japan. Now I’m feeling like I’m watching the end of the era of Japanese gay magazines.

So I have to quit to be a professional gay adult comic artist from this January. Of course I wish to do my gay adult works in some independent ways like private publishing, fan supporting service or gallery exhibitions, but to keep the same pace as before must be hard. From now on, I have to set to draw all ages comics as my primary job, and will draw gay adult comics in my spare time. My publishing pace of gay adult works would be much less than before. I am very sorry for that and ask for your understanding.

‘Gay Erotic Art in Japan Vol.3’ on sale this December

Finally, ‘Gay Erotic Art in Japan Vol.3 – Growth of Gay Magazines and Diversification of Their Artists’ will be on sale on December 12, 2018!

Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Pot Publishing
Language: Japanese, English
Product Dimension: 14.8 x 21.0 cm
ISBN-10: 4780802334
ISBN-13: 978-4780802337
Price: 4,500 Yen (+ tax)

Includes over 170 plates of beautiful gay erotic drawings & paintings by Seiji Inagaki, George Takeuchi, Daisuke Takakura, Ryoji Minakage, Setsu Suzuki, Minoru Toyama and Gym.
Introduction by Dr. Kevin Clerk (Berlin Gay Museum), History of gay erotic art in Japan (part 3: from late 80’s to now) by Gengoroh Tagame. All texts are written in both of Japanese and English.




New art book ‘Gengoroh Tagame Sketchbook’ from MASSIVE (U.S.A.) now on sale

Gengoroh Tagame Sketchbook is now available on MASSIVE web store.

Packed with dozens of original drawings, sketches, and black and white illustrations, the Gengoroh Tagame Sketchbook from MASSIVE GOODS demonstrates why Tagame-san is the master of gay erotic art. These pencil and ink sketches– depicting rope-bound BDSM scenarios, hot homoerotic desire, and fantasies that range from the historical to the sci-fi– provide a glimpse into Tagame’s process and underscore the artist’s unparalleled draftsmanship.

Beautifully produced with a striking cover design by Chip Kidd, this collection brings together the sketches behind a variety of beloved images spanning Tagame’s decades-long career, recognizable from book covers, gay magazines, gallery walls, manga, and T-shirts– as well as works that have never been printed in any publication. Dive deep into the depths of Tagame’s artwork and find out why he has been celebrated and recognized around the world.

Copyright 2018 Gengoroh Tagame
Page Count: 80 pages
Dimensions: 7.25″ x 10.25″
Language: English
Pub Date: October 2018
Publisher: MASSIVE
Cover Design: Chip Kidd
Production Assistance: John Kuramoto
Printed in the United States

18+ Adult Content

My Brother’s Husband (ENG) won Eisner Award

My Brother’s Husband (English) volume 1 won The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award 2018, Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Asia. I’m very, veeeery happy. 😀
Thank you for all who have been involved this book, especially Annie & Chip, and of course the readers who loved and supported this book! Volume 2 in English will come on this September.

New private press Bitch Of The Jungle will debut on Yarou Fest 2018 on this Saturday

I’ll have a table on Yarou Fest 2018 with my new self publishing book on this weekend.

Event: Yarou Fest 2018
Place: PiO (Plaza Industry Ota) in Kamata, Tokyo
Date: April 14, 2018
Time: 12:00~16:00pm
Table Number: A05
Circle Name: Bear’s Cave

Book Title: Bitch Of The Jungle
Format: B5 size, 20 pages (includes cover pages)
Contents: Original Tarzan-like character’s gay BDSM story with short comics and illustrations.

Khoz, The Spellbound Slave (English Edition, PDF) now on sale

Khoz, The Spellbound Slave (ENG)
I released E-book of English translated comics ‘Khoz, The Spellbound Slave’ from my private press.
It’s a gay BDSM story of a slave who is dominated by his master with tattooed spell on his back in strange medieval-like world. Original Japanese version was released as my private press on Yarou Fest 2016. On this time, I made English translated version under the collaboration with Apollo, and started to sell PDF file on DLsite English and Pixiv Booth.

I’ve been troubled with so many illegal scanlation files of my comics on the net for long years. This is my first try to release officially English translated e-book by my own hands. So if you respect and want to support my work, please buy it and never upload on the net. If it will be shared as same as other scanlations, my try is failed and I have to give up to continue it.

Then, please check the detail of it. 😉

Khoz, The Spellbound Slave


PDF Edition

E-book: 24 pages(includes cover pages)
Publisher: Bear’s Cave (February 26, 2018)
Language: English

Cover: color
Inner pages: B&W

Now available on DLsite English and Pixiv Booth. Check the link below!

DLsite English

Pixiv Booth

Note for shopping at Booth

On check out process on Booth, some messages are written only in Japanese, so I put the notes about them below.
White Japanese letters 決済へ進む on green button is “Proceed to check out”.

Confirmation page of your payment information. White Japanese letters お支払い確定 on orange button is “check out”.

If you are first time user and don’t have Pixiv account, sign up with Pixiv by “Checkout after Sign up/in with pixiv” button.

Exhibition and Book Signing in Paris

Solo exhibition in Paris, France.
At Gallery Art Men Paris, from November 3rd to 15th 2017.
Opening Party: November 3rd 17:00 ~ 21:30 (enter free / adults only)
More detail is here. Vernissage TAGAME
The gallery open for appointment only except the opening party. If you want to visit there, please contact with the gallery directory before you go.

Book signing in Paris, France.
On 4e Salon BD & Images LGBT Paris at Mairie du 4e arrondissement de Paris.
Day & Time: November 4th 15:00 ~ 17:30 at the table of Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche (maybe…)
More detail is here. Gengoroh Tagame en dédicace au 4e salon BD & Images LGBT Paris
The concluded 4th volume of ‘Le mari de mon frère’ and the box set are on sale, so get your own one with my signature!

See you soon in Paris, guys!

E-book edition of ‘Endless Game’ (JPN) now on sale

E-book edition of my comic album ‘Endless game’ (JPN) what was first published in 2014 is now on sale.
Includes 1 long story (Endless Game) and 1 middle length stories (Contracts Of The Fall).

E-book editions are released as 3 different versions.

1) Complete version: Include all contents of paper book edition.

2-3) Separated sold version: each stories only

Endless Game

Contracts Of The Fall

And I made a matrix of the whole separated sold version of E-book from Pot Publishing. It’s just a fun but may be a reference for your shopping? 😉

New comic book ‘Naburi-mono: Restored Complete Edition’ (JPN) coming soon!

My first comic book ‘Naburi-mono’ what was published in 1994 is re-published as ‘Restored Complete Edition’ on October 12, 2017 from Pot Publishing Plus.

嬲り者《復元完全版》 (Naburi-mono: Restored Complete Edition)

日本語 (Japanese)

Paper Book Edition:

Paperback: 340 pages
Publisher: Pot Publishing Plus (October 12, 2017)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4866420065
ISBN-13: 978-4866420066
Product Dimensions: 21 x 14.8 x 3 cm

Includes 1 long story;
3 color illustrations (4 pages);
16 pages unused drawings for the story;
original 1994 version afterwords;
new afterwords for Restored Complete Edition;

What is Restored Complete Edition?

On originally published version, penis and anus were all blank and not drawn because of the censorship. On this time, I added to draw them on all pages. Check the sample images below.

Original 1994 version;

2017 Restored Complete Edition version;

Kindle edition is here.

E-book edition of ‘Fisherman’s Lodge / In The Chest’ (JPN) now on sale

E-book edition of my comic album ‘Fisherman’s Lodge / In The Chest’ (JPN) what was first published in 2013 is now on sale.
Includes 1 long story (Fisherman’s Lodge) and 2 middle length stories (In The Chest / ACTINIA [man-cunt]).

E-book editions are released as 4 different versions.

1) Complete version: Include all contents of paper book edition.

2-4) Separated sold version: each stories only

Fisherman’s Lodge

In The Chest

ACTINIA [man-cunt]