The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame (Expanded Hardcover Edition)

My first comic book in English, Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Gay Erotic Manga, was published in 2013 from Picture Box. But the publisher stopped their business, so the book also had been out of print for years.
Now the book is reissued as Expanded Hardcover Edition, to change the publisher from Picture Box to Bruno Gmünder. Here it is!
This big, thick and heavy new edition is newly designed by maestro Chip Kidd. How it is cool, check the photos and video below!

And on this Expanded Hardcover Edition, there are more some ‘Don’t miss it!’ points for who already have old edition.
1) Newly added 16 pages color illustrations includes new one can’t see any other books and websites!
2) My new text essay for this expanded edition with my 30 years memory as a gay comic artist, my current feelings and for my future.
3) The printing quality gets much better than the old edition. On the old edition, there were some pages with moiré and unclear drawing lines. On this new expanded edition, these errors are corrected. Every drawings are printed more beautiful than before. Please compare the pages of Exorcism and Country Doctor of new edition with old ones!

Of course, the contents of the old editions (7 stories, introduction by Edmund White, essay by Chip Kidd and Graham Kolbeins) are included.

So I’m very happy to be able to reissue this book. And I sincerely wish that it is happy thing for my fans too and you may enjoy it!

Japan Media Arts Festival Exhibition

Event: The Exhibition of 19th Japan Media Arts Festival by Agency of Cultural Affairs
Date: February 3 – 14, 2016
Place: The National Art Center, Tokyo, and others

My Brother’s Husband got the excellent award of manga division. Some original drawings, prints, image boards, etc, are exhibited at The National Art Center. Also I’ll be on a talk show with Mitsuru Sugaya and Hiroko Matsuda on February 6 (Sat).

More detail of the events, please check the site of Japan Media Arts Festival. They have pages in English, Chinese and Korean!

Planet Brobdingnag, chapter 3

Planet Brobdingnag, chapter 3
Badi magazine, 2015 February issue (December 21, 2015, on sale)

Uncensored image is here.

And also there is my awarded interview about My Brother’s Husband.

On next year, Badi magazine will be renewed, and the serialization of Planet Brobdingnag will be changed from monthly to bimonthly based. I am sorry for this change but it’s their decision. So, the next chapter will be published on April isuue that will be released on February.

Massive’s new ‘Collared’ T-shirt now available online

Brand new T-shirt with my drawing ‘Collared’ from MASSIVE is now available on their online store!

Massive’s latest T-shirt design featuring art by gay bondage master Gengoroh Tagame showcases work from his latest English-language opus: The Contracts of the Fall (available December 1 from Gmunder Books).

The contract in question ties a once-great pro wrestler–the collared brute featured on this all-cotton T-shirt–to a dangerous loan agreement with a sadistic gangster.

The color variations are two, gray and pink. You can purchase each on the links below.


*Me in Collared Tee (grey) on the opening reception of my exhibition in Paris on last November.

*The staff of Bruno Gmünder in Collared Tee with my new english comic book from them, The Contracts Of The Fall.

Please get your own Tee and Book now! 😉