PDF edition of ‘Khoz, The Spellbound Slave’ is now available on the net

Unfortunately my private publishing comic leaflet 呪縛の性奴 (Khoz, The Spellbound Slave) what was released first at Yarou Fest 2016 on May 21th was immediately sold out on the day. So I started the download sales of the PDF file of it on Pixiv Booth.

You can purchase it online on the page below.

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呪縛の性奴 Khoz, The Spellbound Slave (PDF edition)

PDF: 24 pages(includes cover pages)
Publisher: Bear’s Cave (May 24, 2016)
Language: Japanese
Cover: color
Contents pages: B&W




You can find more and many digital books of Gay comics by various Japanese artists and can buy them on Pixiv Booth. Check the page below! 😉

My Brother’s Husband (Korean translated) vol.1 is released

My Brother's Husband (KOR)
My Brother’s Husband vol. 1 (Korean version) is released!
It’s a first official translation into Korean and a first official released book in Korea of my work. I wish the support to buy it by my Korean fans especially who had been enjoying my works with piratical scanlations on the net.

The book size is A5, a larger than Japanese version (B6). Printing quality is good. The editing works are excellent. Not only all onomatopoeias, even the texts on signboards of background images are translated into Hangul letters. Wow.
And all extra contents on Japanese versions (color pages, columns about gay culture, my afterwords and under cover illustrations) are included in Korean version too.

I’m very happy for my Korean fans who finally can read my comics by their mother tongue, and wish that they love it!

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Imageframe 길찾기 (May 10, 2016)
Language: Korean
ISBN: 978-896052-642-6 07830
978-896052-641-9 (set)
Product Dimensions: 21 x 14.8 x 1.3 cm (A5)

Khoz, The Spellbound Slave & Yarou Fest 2016

My private publishing book, ‘Khoz, The Spellbound Slave’ will be first released on Yarou Fest 2016 on May 21, 2016 in Tokyo.

Event title: YAROU only event, “YAROU FEST 2016”
Time and Date: May 21th, 2016, 12PM-4PM
Location: (Tokyo) Ohta-ku, Sangyo Plaza PIO, Dai-tenji Hall (Main Hall)
Admission: Each entrant must purchase an event pamphlet, which will be provided with admission.
Age restriction: You must be over 18 years old. High school students will not be allowed. Age will be verified at entry.
*More detail, please check their official site in English.

My circle name: Bear’s Cave
Table number: E17
Released materials: Private publishing comic leaflet in Japanese, 呪縛の性奴 Khoz, The Spellbound Slave (28 pages)

Let’s meet at my table on next Saturday!


The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame (Expanded Hardcover Edition)

My first comic book in English, Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Gay Erotic Manga, was published in 2013 from Picture Box. But the publisher stopped their business, so the book also had been out of print for years.
Now the book is reissued as Expanded Hardcover Edition, to change the publisher from Picture Box to Bruno Gmünder. Here it is!
This big, thick and heavy new edition is newly designed by maestro Chip Kidd. How it is cool, check the photos and video below!

And on this Expanded Hardcover Edition, there are more some ‘Don’t miss it!’ points for who already have old edition.
1) Newly added 16 pages color illustrations includes new one can’t see any other books and websites!
2) My new text essay for this expanded edition with my 30 years memory as a gay comic artist, my current feelings and for my future.
3) The printing quality gets much better than the old edition. On the old edition, there were some pages with moiré and unclear drawing lines. On this new expanded edition, these errors are corrected. Every drawings are printed more beautiful than before. Please compare the pages of Exorcism and Country Doctor of new edition with old ones!

Of course, the contents of the old editions (7 stories, introduction by Edmund White, essay by Chip Kidd and Graham Kolbeins) are included.

So I’m very happy to be able to reissue this book. And I sincerely wish that it is happy thing for my fans too and you may enjoy it!