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Many people ask me "I want to see old movies, how can I see?"
or "I want to see the movies in bigger size, how can I see?"
But as I said on the bottom of this page, showing all chapter is impossible at this time.
And to upload the file of bigger size is impossible as same reason.
In some future, I want to find the way to show the all acts of "Desert Dungeon" series.
And I'm also thinking to make DVD-R or something when stories will be completed.
So, the person who missed to see old acs, please wait until the time will come.
And please don't ask and request me anymore, if you love my works and my sites.

Test movie clips of 3DCG Animation

"Nosferatu (adult version)" (click the image to download mp4 file)

Test Movie Clip of Animated Illustrations

Made by "AnimeStudio 6" (click the image to download mp4 file)

Test movie clips of 3DCG Animation

"Mister Virtual Universe"

"Desert Dungeon" 予告編
Trailer of "Desert Dungeon"

"Desert Dungeon" 公式上映履歴
History of the Public Screenings of "Desert Dungeon"

2006年11月23日/『日本のゲイ・エロティック・アート vol.2』刊行記念イベント/日本・東京・アップリンク・ファクトリー/act 1〜6(20分)
2007年7月20日/関西クィア映画祭、オープニング・プログラム/日本・大阪・Hep Hall/act 1〜9(30分)
2007年8月8日、29日/国際短編映画祭"InDPanda"、"4 Enigmas Among Boyz"プログラム/香港・Broadway Circuit/act 1〜9(30分)

23 November 2006/Publishing event of "Gay Erotic Art in Japan (vol.2)"/at "Uplink Factory" in Tokyo, JAPAN/act 1~6(20min)
20 July 2007/Kansai Queer Film Festival(Opening Program)/"Hep Hall" in Osaka, JAPAN/act 1~9(30min)
8 & 29 August 2007/ InDPanda international short film festival("4 Enigmas Among Boyz" Program) / "Broadway Circuit" in HONG-KONG / act 1~9(30min)

QuickTime Movie Clips

ムービーを見るためには、お使いのPCにQuickTime Player(バージョン7以上)がインストールされている必要があります。
QuickTime Playerはアップルコンピューターのサイトから無償でダウンロードできます。
ムービーが再生できない場合は、お持ちのQuickTime Playerのバージョンが7以上であるか確認し、
-For Users of Windows-
To see these clips, you must install QuickTime Player (more than version 7) to your PC.
You can downroad it from Apple computer's website free.
-For Users of Mac-
If you can't play the movie, check your QuickTime Player is more than version 7.

Desert Dungeon

Act 1 (Showing Finished)

Act 2 (Showing Finished)

Act 3 (Showing Finished)

Act 4 (Showing Finished)

Act 5 (Showing Finished)

Act 6 (Showing Finished)

Act 7 (Showing Finished)

Act 8 (Showing Finished)

Act 9 (Showing Finished)

NEWAct 10 (02:59) - 2.1MB
QuickTime Player version 7 is required

使用ソフトは、プロップのモデリングに六角大王 Super 4、キャラクター・アニメーションにPoser 5、シーン全体の構築とレンダリングにVue 5 Esprit + Mover 5、およびCarrara 5 Pro、BGMの制作にGarageBand 2とLogic Express 7、最終的な編集にiMovieを使っています。



3DCG movies with sounds. This series is my hommage for classic sword & sandal movies.
Movies are made by Rokkaku-Daio Super 4 (prop modeling), Poser 5 (character animation), Vue 5 Esprit + Mover 5 (scene setting and movie rendering), Carrara 5 Pro (scene setting and movie rendering), GarageBand 2, Logic Express 7 (BGM making) and iMovie (final editing).

The file is compressed by Zip format (.zip). To see the movie, please download and decompress the file.

The extra charge of the data traffic over becomes a serious problem for me,so I am sorry but I have to take off the showing of old acts.