「PRIDE・中巻」"Pride vol.2"


 同時収録/短編『TRAP 2』

This is a book of comics and contains the part two of very long story.
Ohashi's slave training goes well, and he is getting to build relationships with Shibazaki who is his master.
But one day, Gamo who is Ohashi's schoolmate noses out their secret. Gamo wants to join their play, and Shibazaki takes it and decides to lend his slave, but Ohasi rebels against it.
A slave who lifted a hand against his master must be punished. To take off even last one piece of Ohashi's non-slavish prides, Master Shibazaki applies a drastic remedy...
The rope bondage in the locker, the anal fucking in the bathroom, the sweat licking in the locker room, the bounded public display at the midnight cruising park, the gang-banged in the public toilet, the naked & chaind slave life for two months, the piss drinking and the shit eating, the nipple torture with heavy pain, the fist fucking...
Under the hard trainings of a strict master, a young apprentice slave learns the real slave's attitudes...

This book includes the short 16 pages comics "Trap 2".
Young boy Kazuma is tricked by the street gang again. This time, he forced to have an enema, has a shit with sobbing in front of his rapists' eyes, and finds his own masochistic character...

内容見本  PRIDE  TRAP 2
Sample  Pride  Trap 2

A5版/264ページ/定価1,200円/ISBN : 4-89236-310-3
本編「PRIDE パート2」(232ページ)+同時収録「TRAP 2」(16ページ)

148mm x 210mm (A5) / 264 pages / 1,200 Yen / ISBN : 4-89236-310-3
B&W comics "Pride - part 2" (232pages) + short comic "Trap" (16 pages)
with 8 pages full color illustrations
november 18, 2004


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