「PRIDE・上巻」"Pride vol.1"



This is a book of comics and contains the part one of very long story.
Ohashi, who is an university student, prides himself on he is a hot hunk and a top man, and comes on strong at the midnight cruising park. But the other gays are feeling bitter about his cavalier attitude.
One day, Ohashi is taped off by Dr Shibazaki, who is a professort of psychology in his university. But in fact, Shibazaki is also an expert of BDSM, and he is a skilled Master who trained many slaves in past.
Shibazaki finds that Ohashi has the potential to become a good slave. By the Shibazaki's subtle approach, Ohashi is going to fall too deep into the BDSM world.
The rope bondage under the clothing, the control of the ejaculation by the chastity belt, the blow job under the table, the piss shower, the dilation of the anus by the dildoes and the golf balls, the exhbition in the midnight phone booth, the whipping on the St Andrews cross...
By the various techniques of a slave-training maestro, a top turns into a bottom, and a young hunk turns into a slave...

This book includes the short 16 pages comics "Trap".
Young boy Kazuma is tricked by the street gang, ripped his school uniform,and gang-banged at the underground cofeehouse...

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A5版/242ページ/定価1,200円/ISBN : 4-89236-306-5
本編「PRIDE パート1」(212ページ)+同時収録「TRAP」(16ページ)

148mm x 210mm (A5) / 242 pages / 1,200 Yen / ISBN : 4-89236-306-5
B&W comics "Pride - part 1" (212pages) + short comic "Trap" (16 pages)
with 8 pages full color illustrations
October 28, 2004


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