"GUNJI"(French translated version)

 フランスの出版社H&O Editionsから出版された、初のオフィシャルな(つまり海賊版ではない)外国語版です。
 収録作はフランス独自の編集により、『軍次(シリーズ全編)』、『ずっとすきだと言えなくて』(共に「筋肉男」掲載作、近日発売の単行本『天守に棲む鬼/軍次』に収録予定)、『TRAP(全編)』(「SM-Z」掲載作、単行本『PRIDE』に収録)、『「マゾ」』(「G-men」掲載作、アンソロジー「爆男 vol.1」に再録、単行本未収録)。

This is a book of a collection of 1 long and 3 short comics those are translated in french.
And this is a first book of my comics are officially translated in non-japanese language.
I'm so glad that this book is published.
Because I was hearing a lot of my fan's voice that is a request they want to read my comics in thier own language many times before.
But I couldn't do anyuthing, because I'm a just an artist, not a publisher!
So I want to say many thank you for H&O Editions in France that they take a decisive step to trancelate and publish my comic book!
Dear my buddies who are familiar in french, you too, please say thank you to this valiant publisher. And please buy this book. Because if this their first trial will be successful, you may get more chance of to become to be able to read more trancelated hot japanese gay comics. Not only mine, for example, Jiraiya and Seizo Ebisubashi too!

The stories in this book are "Gunji (part 1 - 5)", "Trap (part 1 & 2)", "Zutto-Sukida-to-Ienakute (Je n'ai jamais pu te dire que je t'aimes)" and "Mazo".
About the detail, please check the site of H&O Editions.

Sample images  Gunji  Trap  Je n'ai jamais pu te dire que je t'aimes  Mazo

148mm x 210mm (A5) / 208 pages / 16.90 euros / ISBN : 2-84547-113-0
Publisher / H&O Editions
published in October, 2005


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