「外道の家・下巻」 "Gedo-no-ie (The house of the brutes) vol.3"
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This is the third volume of a long story which was published serially in "Badi" magazine from 1999 to 2007.

with the text commentary by Syohei Onishi(comic critic),
the guest comments with original illustrations by Jiraiya(gay comic artist) and Go Fujimoto(gay comic artist),
and the afterword by Gengoroh Tagame

Torazo has been locked up in a shed, serving as a dungeon, ever since the death of Souemon's mother.

After eleven long years, Souemon succumbs to a stroke, and falls into a coma. Takichi takes advantage of his illness to enjoy his master's property: he releases Torazo from his long imprisonment in exchange for Torazo's oath to serve him, and his wife Omatsu, as their slave.

After years and years of imprisonment, deprivation and intense suffering, Torazo has completely lost the powers of speech and is now totally mute, and so Takichi gives him the new name, "Roku the Dummy".

Roku fucked, regularly, by Takichi, and Omatsu, who is very jealous, takes out her irritation by punishing him: her husband is free to enjoy Roku's anus whenever he likes, but she cannot make use of his penis for fear of becoming pregnant!

At last, however, Omatsu hits upon the plan of administering a vasectomy to Roku the Dummy in secret, thus rendering him her personal, living dildo!

By contrast, Daisuke, the son of Takichi and Omatsu, as always treated Roku the Dummy kindly, and when he grows up and becomes a large, strong young adult, he begins to develop a strong affection for Roku, which Roku reciprocates.

Once, when Daisuke is masturbating, Roku watches, and offers his young master his mouth, to supplement the caresses of his hand. The young and energetic Daisuke eagerly engages in sex with Roku.

Inevitably, though, Daisuke discovers his father, Takichi utilizing Roku for sex, and feels betrayed and hurt. Some weeks later, Daisuke meets up again with Soutaro, his boyhood companion, and also the son of Torazo, who had been raised by a different branch of the Horikawa clan, not knowing his father at all.

Daiske brings Soutaro to his home, where Roku (formerly Torazo) and Soutaro meet. Although they are father and son, Soutaro, who had been told that his father died when he was an infant, does not recognize the dumb Roku as his father.

Worse, as Soutaro observes how Takichi tortures and utilizes Roku, he becomes sexually aroused himself, and is driven to rape Roku, not knowing that he is violating his very own father!

Roku, subjected to the ultimate degradation of being raped by his very own son, resolves to leave the cursed house of Horikawa once and for all. But just then, Souemon recovers, unexpectedly, from his comatose state . . .

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148mm x 210mm (A5) / 268 pages / 1500 Yen
with 1 full color pin-up,
31 March, 2007

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