Occupation Gay Erotic Artist
(Comics, Illustrations, Novels, Movies)
(History of Japanese gay art)
Date of Birth February 3, 1964
(the year of the dragon)
Where did I
study the arts
Tama Art University
(specialty graphic design)
When did I start
this job
My first artwork was carried by a magazine in 1982, but I did not use the name "Gengoroh Tagame" yet, and I was still a students.
In 1986, I started to use the name "Gengoroh Tagame".
In those days I worked as an art director in a company.
In 1992, I became a free lance art director, a free lance graphic designer and a free lance illustlator.
In 1994, I became a full time gay erotic artist.
Used Materials of Artworks Please see "Gallery".
Each picture is credited.
Published Books Please see "Shop".
There is the latest list of my published books.
1996 / FEATURE(USA, New York) "Hung Gurus" -group
1998 / BIG GYM(Japan, Tokyo) "G-men cover arts" -solo
2004 / Collection Lambert(France, Lille) "Eijanaika! Yes, Future!" -group
2007 / ArtMenParis(France, Paris) "Fantasmes Hard-Core" -solo
2008 / ArtMenParis(France, Paris) "Fantasmes Hard-Core 2" -solo
2008 / ARTZ21(Spain, Barcelona) "Love Pryde Show" -group
2008 / ARTZ21(Spain, Barcelona) "Fantasia Erotica Japonesa" -group
2009 / Tap Gallery(Australia, Sydney) "Boys Life by 30 Japanese Artists” -group
2009 / ArtMenParis(France, Paris) "Gengoroh Tagame Dessins Hard-Core" -solo
2010 / Vanilla Gallery(Japan, Tokyo) "Works" -solo
2011 / The Rohsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts(Sweden, Göteborg) -group
2011 / ArtMenParis(France, Paris) -solo
2013 / Church on Church(Canada, Toronto) "LEGENDS: The Gay Erotic Art of Maurice Vellekoop & Gengoroh Tagame” -duo
2013 / Shoot the Lobster(USA, New York) "Works On Paper" -solo
2013 / ArtMenParis(France, Paris) "Tagame Dessins Hardcore Drawings" -solo
2014 / xavıerlaboulbenne(Germany, Berlin) -solo
2014 / Musee de l’Erotisme(France, Paris) "Japon Erotica: La Nouvelle Generation Vol.2" -group
2014 / Ono Arte(Italy, Bologna) -solo
2014 / la Pinacothèque de Paris(France, Paris) "L’Art de l’amour au temps des Geishas" -group
My Favorite Things
(alphabet order)
(But not teddy-bear, I love a Grizzly)
(Chain, Rope, Strap...I love them all)
(It's just a fantasy)
(It's just a fantasy)
(A man who is used as an animal makes me so horny)
(This is a very important element for my SM story)
(It's a necessary condition of SM)
(Dog collar is best clothing for a slave)
(Japanese traditional underwear)
(I love Japanese traditional style using Tenugui)
(Japanese style dungeon)
(Sometimes I wear it)
(I wish to become and I wish to serve)
(This armor makes a victim good looking)
(Because I am a gay)
(A human toilet fantasy is one of my favorite)
(Oh daddy !)
(A human toilet fantasy is one of my faborite)
(It's just fantasy)
(I wish to have and I wish to become)
(It's a greatest pornography for me)
(This is necessary for a master)
(I love a cane and a belt, too)
Favorite gay
erotic artists
(in alphabetical order)
(fantastic torture!)
(splendid imagination !)
Funayama, Sanshi
(artistic brutality !)
Fuwa, George(aka. Hisatomo)
(smell of sweat and sperm !)
Hun, The
(very hot and very powerful !)
(great master image !)
Mishima, Go
(quiet excitement !)
Tom of Finland
(my indicator !)
Ward, Bill
(very refined !)
Favorite non
erotic artists
(in alphabetical order)
Caravaggio, Michelangelo
Cocteau, Jean
Ito, Hikozo
Katsushika, Hokusai
Mapplethorpe, Robert
Pasolini, Pier Paolo
Rubens, Petrus Paulus
Tezuka, Osamu
Tsukioka, Yoshitoshi
Yato, Tamotsu
Hobby Travelling, Music, Book, Movie
Horny things
in my childhood
Osamu Tezuka's comics
(include some torture scenes)
Edgar Rice Burroughs's "At the Earth's Core"
(mankind as cattle for edible meat)
"A Thousand and One Night"
(The man who is castrated. The king whose lower body ischanged to a stone and whipped.)
Greek Myths
(The faun who is made to tear off his raw pelt. The traveler who is made to cut off his hands and legs in accordance with size of a bed. The naked dead hero who is dragged by chariots. The giant who is tied up with a chain and his liver eaten by the eagles.)
Tarzan movies
(The scene that he is captured and tied up.)
Swards and Sandals movies
(The scene that bearded muscleman is tortured.)
Charlton Heston
(as a slave in "The Ten Commandments", "Ben Hur" and "The Planet of the Apes")
Sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome
Paintings of Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-classicism
Horny things
in my early teens
Marquis de Sade's "120 days of Sodom"
Puline Reage's "History of O"
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's "Venus in fur"
Japanese gay magazine "Sabu"
(some SM novels and art of Go MIshima)
Some history books
(history of slavery of the whole world, history of torture of the whole world)
Some horror novels
Horny things
in my late teens
Juko Nishimura's novels
(Japanese action novels which include very hard rape and torture scenes)
Syozo Numa's novel "Yapoo, the cattle man"
(Japanese most bizarre SF novel written by male heavy masochist)
Yukio Mishima's "Gogo no eikou" and "Yukoku"
Some Japanese erotic comics
(Michio Hisauchi, Keizo Miyanishi ...etc)
Paintings of Frank Frazetta
Photographs of Robert Mapplethorp
Drawings of Tom of Finland
Horny things
in my twenties
Films of Joe Gage
Photographs of of Rip Colt
American gay magazine "Drummer"
(art of The Hun, Bill Ward, Cavello ...etc)
Novels of Shiro Tate
(Japanese greatest vintage gay novelist)
Novels of Eikichi Adachi
(Japanese greatest vintage gay SM novelist)
Art of Sanshi Funayama
(my most favorite Japanese gay erotic artist)
Erotic comics of Guido Clepax
Photographs of Tamotsu Yato
(Japanese legendary gay male nude photographer)