Q ; Can I see the uncensored pictures?
A ; Sorry, you can't. To uproad the pictures with uncensored genitals is illegal in Japan.

Q ; Could you send me the uncensored images by email?
A ; Sorry, No.

Q ; Are your english translated comic books published?
A ; No. Translated in french only.

Q ; Where can I buy your books in my own country?
A ; Sorry, I don't have any information about foreign bookstores. But you can mail order from overseas on some bookstore. Check each book's page in "Shop" contents or see "Link" page.

Q ; Can I buy the originals?
A ; Sorry, I'm not selling the originals on this site. But in future, if I will do the exhibition on your country, you'll be able to buy the originals at there.

Q ; Can I buy some prints?
A ; I plan it, but don't prepare yet. When it will be available, I will announce in the site. Please wait.

Q ; May I link to your site?
A ; No problem. But URL address of a link must be top page (http://www.tagame.org/index.html). Don't link direct to inner contents please. And after you linked, I'm glad that if you tell me by e-mail.

Q ; Can I see old movies?
A ; Sorry, you can't.

Q ; Could you send high resolution movies by email?
A ; Sorry, No. But in future, I want to make DVD of my movies. When it will be done, you'll be able to buy it by mail order.